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Featured on Houzz!

Stairways To Heaven

Over the years I have accumulated pictures of stairwells that I find architecturally inspirational, these are just a small sampling of my favorites. Everything from simple to otherworldly. My favorites lean towards the floating stair treads. I also love the stairs built around a tree trunk, wouldn’t that be a great way to get to a tree house instead of a […]

From Inspiration to Creation

One of the reasons why I love design so much is that each client and project are unique, so no two jobs are ever the same. Another reason is so that I can live vicariously through my clients homes. My tastes are so varied I’d have to have 6 homes to cover off all my […]

Indigo Dreams Ensuite

Duplicate My Look! Check out my new indigo bathroom. Gotta love that Tile!!! Oooh ahhhh. Puts a smile on my face everyday.
Pictures to come soon.

My New Indigo Dreams Bedroom

Finally finished our master bedroom. Duplicate my look! Pictures to come soon!

Not So Mellow Yellow

Anyone else feeling the colour yellow for 2013? Hmmm…just finished my indigo dream bedroom, wonder what the hubby would say if he knew I was feeling yellow?!!

Ordinary Objects = Fantastic Lighting

Many times a successful design counts on a certain kind of sleight-of-hand: The very best job is the one you don’t notice, because it doesn’t call attention to itself.
Lighting, in a home or business, is one of those things that’s invisible – if it’s done well. You only notice the lighting of a room if […]

Woman Entrepeneurs

I have been nominated by RBC for the 2010 RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Award!

Luxury Experiences

Welcome to my first blog! I am still learning but have tons of fabulous pictures and videos to post related to this article as soon as I figure out how…so be sure to check back!
I am so excited to be able to share with you on a more regular basis than with my quarterly newsletter. […]