Who says you have to take design seriously? I certainly don’t. I love to add elements of humour into the spaces I design. It can be a small sculpture that brings a smile to my face, it can be a product that is interactive like the Sensi Tile polymer light reflective panels that respond to your movement. Or it can be something as simple as making recycling and garbage interesting to dispose of such as the videos attached for The Fun Theory project by Volkswagen.

For me it’s often something that is just unexpected that can put a smile on my face, a whacked out colour combination or a random object that is highlighted by the fact that it is isolated.

Musical Stairs

Garbage Can with Sounds Effects

Arcade Recycling

Clean Rooms For Kids

Interactive Tile

3D Design Fun by Beetling.com

Graffiti Laminate by Parador

Sicis Mosaic Shoe Bath

Broken Chair Leg by Gord Peteran

Tsunami Glassworks, organic and fluid chandelier