Everyday I am surrounded by things that inspire me.

Some are intangible items like a great quote or the flash of a smile, a cloud formation or beautiful sunset.

Others are items I come across in my design process that I save pictures of and keep them on my board to remind me of how many truly fantastic ideas there are out there. Some I would never incorporate into my designs because they are too outrageous but I love them nonetheless and others I can’t wait to find a way to interpret and look to my next client as prey to be the guinea pig.

Here are some items that I have recently collected and would love to share, they are in no particular order but it’s worth scrolling down to view all so you don’t miss any!

I can picture a whole patio or public park being done with this stylish theft and weather proof furniture. I love the classic Corbusier styling with the re-bar and cement. Designed by Swiss interior architect and designer Stefan Zwicky. Apparently the Demisch Danant gallery sold the one ton Zwicky chair for more than $40,000 so I might have to re-think the whole entire patio thing!

Cement Corbusier Chair

This great bench from the Design Labratory is really adaptable and fun. Nice when form and function meet so handsomely. This System of two/three-seater in based on self-skinning polyurethane seating elements on a steel-satin frame. Available through Sturm und plastic http://www.sturmundplastic.com.

Double Up Bench

Double Up Zoomorphic Design

Penny tiles are a popular look for interior flooring. Normally ceramic and glass are used to make tiles, these beautiful ‘real’ penny tiles I can’t wait to use!! OK, so some may say it’s a waste of money, I say this penny flooring truly is from heaven! As an added bonus maybe you’ll be surrounded by good luck and at the very least it will be easy to figure out your cost per square foot!. But that’s just my two cents worth. Now who can I get to lay them?

Penny Tile Flooring

Stunning Penny Floors

Looking for a softer earth friendly version try these cork penny tiles from Jelinek Cork, http://www.jelinek.com/flooring.htm#4. They are cut from recycled wine corks and take advantage of cork’s natural resiliency and water resistance to create a unique and low-impact floor.

Earth Friendly Tiles

Cork Penny Flooring

I know I’ve already blogged about unique lighting but I missed thee two beauties the last time round and they are truly unique and worth sharing. The first is for a commercial application but  can definitely see it utilized in a loft space as well. Very adaptable especially when dealing with concrete ceilings! Not only is it a light but it’s a bench as well. This modern lighting is designed by Sebastien Wierinck. Brilliant! (no pun intended) http://sebastienwierinck.com.

Sebastien Wierinck Bench Lighting

Sebastien Wierinck Bench & Lighting

Here is another snake like desk lamp I love. It reminds me of something out of a Sinbad movie. It too can be yours for a meager $2,000 USD, certainly not the mass appeal snack bracket. Created by designer Ettore Cimini, I might just have to save. Very man cave chic.

Ra Desk Lamp

My last note finishes with one of those items I love but would never really incorporate (I think it would be next to impossible to keep clean so my practical side wins), but having said that it is fantastic and certainly unique. Entirely eco-friendly, this one-of-a-kind cubic Sponge Bob type chair was designed by award winning Taiwanese designer Yu-Ying Wu. Aptly named the Breathing Chair, she likens the design to tofu. This perforated foam chair transforms its shape according to the body of the sitter.

The Breathing Chair