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Archives for Inspiration

From Inspiration to Creation

One of the reasons why I love design so much is that each client and project are unique, so no two jobs are ever the same. Another reason is so that I can live vicariously through my clients homes. My tastes are so varied I’d have to have 6 homes to cover off all my […]

Book Art

Like many people I enjoy reading. While I enjoy the digital format for news, blogs and online magazines, I still can’t get myself curled up with my ipad to read a book. There is something special about a printed book, the smell of the pages, holding a huge volume in your hands knowing you have […]

Random Design Inspiration

Everyday I am surrounded by things that inspire me.
Some are intangible items like a great quote or the flash of a smile, a cloud formation or beautiful sunset.
Others are items I come across in my design process that I save pictures of and keep them on my board to remind me of how many truly […]