Like many people I enjoy reading. While I enjoy the digital format for news, blogs and online magazines, I still can’t get myself curled up with my ipad to read a book. There is something special about a printed book, the smell of the pages, holding a huge volume in your hands knowing you have those pages to read each night, seeing all your favorites lining your bookshelves like a good friend waiting to welcome you in. Whatever it is I love it, I know it would be better for the environment if I didn’t and maybe I just need more time. But when I delved further into the art of books I think I just firmed up my love of them all the more.

Never one for words myself I am fascinated by the written word and I take great inspiration in how others portray the world around us and allow us to get lost in their fantastical realities. So today I am sharing my design inspiration from books, you’d be amazed at what people can do with books aside from writing them!

Here are few of my favorite and innovative ways to display books…

It might be hard to find your book but I love this bookshelf by Ron Arad.















Tumbling bookshelves…make me smile every time!















Unique Espresso Bar, a modern Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka fantasy space!




























What a cool staircase idea, I might never make it up!




























Form meets function head on with this fab bookcase chair.














Love the organic lines to this Saba Italia bookshelf


This award winning modular typographical bookcase below is a collaborative effort by the architectural design team of Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti.

This is a great design, you can take your reading corner anywhere you want! Have books, will travel!
























I had never even heard of book carving until recently and I am fascinated by it now. Carving into a discarded stacks of books, can create fantastic, landscapes and images such as the works of Brian Dettmer who is a book sculptor known for his detailed and innovative carvings as well as Guy Laramee, who definitely reinforces that books are not dead!
















This is definitely my favorite! By sculptor Guy Laramee